About Pet Only Aquariums ACT

At Pet Only Aquarium, we specialise in the art, science and design of Canberra aquatic habitats. We maintain a large collection of quality fishes, invertebrates and plants as well as 30 sorts of Tiger, Bee and Cherry shrimp. A range of driftwood, rocks and other design materials are in stock to suit to the beginner as well as the most capacious aquarist. Our purpose designed store is presented as a gallery, so visitors can enjoy the collection while choosing a favourite fish, shrimp and plants.

Brands we keep in stock include; Eheim, Fluval, Seachem, Ocean Free, Aqua Zonic, API, ADA ,Ocean Nutrition, Hikari, Zoo Med, Pisces, Sera, Minitem, Ziss, Aquavitro, Salyshrimp, Benibachi, Tantora, Caribsea, Mag-float, Absolute, Fire Aqua, Cade, Flipper, Marina, Tunze.